Pokémon Frienda Game Launches in Japanese Arcades in July – News

Game allows players to catch Pokémon, use them later in battles with Frienda Pick cards

Marvelous and TAKARA TOMY A.R.T.S revealed a new Pokémon arcade game titled Pokémon Frienda on Monday. The arcade game will launch in Japanese arcades later this year in July.

Image via Pokémon Frienda website

The game will feature touchscreen controls, and will allow players to catch Pokémon, which generates “Frienda Pick” cards. Players can then use these cards in future play sessions to add Pokémon to their party. A play session costs 100 yen (about US$0.65), but each generated Frienda Pick card prompts players for another 100 yen to print. As players can only catch a maximum of five Pokémon per session, the maximum amount players can spend on each session is 600 yen (about US$3.85).

Players can do battle with their selected Pokémon party, using various attack types unique to each Pokémon in an effort to win.

Marvelous and TAKARA TOMY A.R.T.S released the Pokémon Mezastar arcade game in September 2020. In the game, players use real-life physical tags to battle Pokémon. Users can also scan tags from Pokémon Mezastar in Pokémon Frienda.

Sources: Pokémon Frienda game’s website, Famitsu.com via Otakomu