Randy Orton Disclaims His Biggest Setback In His WWE Career

Respect has been shown for Randy Orton by both peers and fans in the wrestling community. Talent and an occasional streak of unpredictable behavior behind the scenes have defined The Viper’s legacy throughout the years. But in the middle of his remarkable career, Orton has admitted to a moment he regrets greatly.

Randy Orton (Credit: ESPN)

As a third-generation superstar who follows in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, Orton’s pedigree stands out among the many wrestling families that make up WWE. That being said, Orton’s biggest letdown occurred during the 2005 Hall of Fame ceremony.

Orton shared a moving recollection from that evening in an open chat with WWE Evil. Before the occasion, Orton admitted to staying up late with the wrong crowd and felt lost when it came time to introduce his father to the Hall of Fame.

Orton acknowledged the lack of preparation and the obvious sadness on his father’s face, even if he spoke from the heart. This was the turning point in Orton’s career that he would never forget.

“I couldn’t think of a speech. I didn’t do my father justice, even though I spoke from the heart. That dejected expression on my father’s face! That’s probably the one thing about my career that I regret.”

Randy Orton
Randy Orton (Credit: ESPN)

In spite of this setback, Orton has gained respect in the profession, and his reputation has grown. Fans are incredibly excited to witness Orton’s continuous dominance in the arena as he prepares for a match against Kevin Owens and Logan Paul at WrestleMania 40.