Ratings Surge for “Queen Of Divorce” in 3 Consecutive Episodes

JTBC’s “Queen of Divorce” has achieved its highest ratings yet, marking a significant milestone for the series. According to Nielsen Korea, episode 3 of “Queen of Divorce” secured an impressive average nationwide viewership rating of 5.8 per cent. This represents a notable increase of 0.9 per cent compared to the previous episode, which garnered a rating of 4.9 per cent.

“Queen of Divorce” revolves around the story of Kim Sa Ra, once the daughter-in-law of the largest law firm in South Korea. Betrayed by her husband, she loses everything and subsequently transforms into a divorce troubleshooter.

Now serving as the team leader at the divorce settlement office Solution, Sa Ra takes on the role of punishing unfaithful spouses while assisting those facing unjust divorce situations.

Still from “Queen of Divorce” Episode 3 (Credits: JTBC)

Sa Ra’s partner in this endeavour is Dong Ki Joon, an advisory lawyer at Solution and her business associate. Formerly known as the “German Shepherd” during his tenure as an excellent prosecutor, Ki Joon earned this moniker due to his persistence and keen intuition.

Despite his reputation, Ki Joon left the prosecutors’ office under mysterious circumstances. Together, Sa Ra and Ki Joon collaborate to assist individuals undergoing challenging divorce situations.

The drama’s success is undoubtedly a testament to the compelling narrative and the commendable performances of the cast and crew. The rising viewership ratings reflect the audience’s growing engagement with the storyline and characters, highlighting the effectiveness of the show’s themes centred around divorce and justice.

As “Queen of Divorce” continues to resonate with viewers, the entire cast and crew deserve congratulations for their efforts in bringing this captivating drama to life.

The positive reception and increasing ratings underscore the series’ impact and popularity, affirming its place in the hearts of the audience.