Revelation Behind Cody Rhode’s WWE Raw Promo Revealed

The journey of Cody Rhodes, the new Undisputed WWE Champion, has been marked by support from allies like Seth Rollins and The Rock. This week on RAW, Rhodes aimed to return the favor, offering assistance to Jey Uso. However, Jey Uso graciously declined the offer.

Cody Rhodes (Credit: ESPN)

Cody Rhodes’ Next Chapter

Rhodes then shifted his focus to potential contenders for WWE Backlash, expressing gratitude to his WrestleMania supporters and addressing recent developments within The Bloodline on SmackDown. He invited Jey Uso to the ring for his match against Finn Balor, offering his support, but Jey chose to handle it alone.

This move suggests Cody’s transition to SmackDown, endorsed by his farewell on RAW. As Cody Rhodes embraces his new chapter, fans anticipate whether Jey Uso will rise to become a World Champion, with a title match set for WWE Backlash.

Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes (Credit: ESPN)

The episode highlighted Cody Rhodes’ pivotal role as the new Undisputed WWE Champion. Rhodes’ offer to assist Jey Uso hinted at potential future collaborations, leaving fans eager for what’s to come.

As Rhodes transitions to SmackDown, his endorsement of Jey Uso signals a shifting landscape in WWE’s hierarchy. Transitioning to SmackDown and endorsing Jey Uso as the new top figure.