Rey Mysterio Laments Losing To Dominick Mysterio In The WWE Summer Slam Match In 2005

Dominik’s decision to join the divisive Judgment Day faction over two years ago caused rifts within the Mysterio family and the start of Rey Mysterio and Dominik’s turbulent relationship.

The high-stakes rivalry between Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero, a close friend, dates back to 2005. Guerrero’s claim to be Dominik’s biological father sparked a custody battle in which Dominik was at stake. Rey triumphed and got back his son’s custody.

Dominik Mysterio (Credit: ESPN)

Rey Mysterio’s Regrets

Rey Mysterio expressed sorrow in a recent interview with BWGS Pod about his choice to end the match, especially in light of Dominik’s later treachery and partnership with Judgment Day. Admittedly, he ought to have let Guerrero keep Dominik rather than endangering his life in the vicious ladder match.

Rey Mysterio muses on the past and wonders what would have happened if Guerrero had still been alive. He surmises that Guerrero might be molding the continuing plot between him and Dominik from above.

When Rey and Dominik engaged in a tag team match at WrestleMania 40, the father-son feud hit a new height. Dominik linked up with Santos Escobar, while Rey teamed up with Andrade El Idolo.

Rey Mysterio (Credit: ESPN)
Rey Mysterio (Credit: ESPN)

Even though NFL players helped Rey and Andrade win, there’s still a noticeable strain between the father and son. The exciting new chapter in the WWE Universe’s story is anxiously anticipated.