Rey Mysterio On Unmasking And Embracing Fan Interaction

Famous wrestler Rey Mysterio talks candidly about fans posting pictures of him without a mask. Mysterio, despite his legendary status as a luchador, keeps an open mind about this changing facet of fan connection.

During his time in the WWE, Mysterio—who is regarded as a modern-day wrestling legend—faithfully reflected the Lucha Libre traditions. Although he had a brief career as an uncovered wrestler in WCW, he has largely respected the importance of the mask since joining WWE in 2002.

Rey Mysterio (Credit: ESPN)

Rey Mysterio’s Feelings

Mysterio’s bare-faced appearances are a regular occurrence in the age of social media. He accepts the evolution of the culture surrounding professional wrestling and the fervor of fans for up-close looks at the performers.

In an interview, Mysterio stated that he was cool with fans posting pictures of themselves without masks. His appreciation of fan appreciation and his willingness to allow photo posts highlight how the world of wrestling fandom is always changing.

Rey Mysterio
Rey Mysterio (Credit: ESPN)

Even with his legendary fame, Mysterio is still affable and willing to interact with fans. The victory he recently shared with Andrade at WrestleMania 40 is a sign of continued success, and fans are excited to see what will come next in Mysterio’s legendary career.