Rhea Ripley’s Stinkface is a Wrestling Debate

A well-known member of the WWE women’s division, Rhea Ripley has been drawing more and more attention from fans all over the world because of her remarkable in-ring abilities and audience-connecting ability.

She recently started a discussion in the wrestling industry after making an unforgettable stinkface at a live event in Springfield, Illinois.

Rhea Ripley (Credit: ESPN)

To the pleasure of the crowd, Ripley included one of WWE icon Rikishi’s hallmark maneuvers into her battle against Nia Jax in a lighthearted homage. Longtime fans will find the stinkface move nostalgic, and it brought some humor to the fight.

But the advertisement has sparked debate over how often Ripley uses it in his repertoire. Because of its little strategic significance in matches, some, like EC3 on Sportskeeda’s The Wrestling Outlaws, argue that it should only be used on exceptional occasions.

They stress how crucial it is to preserve psychology and make sure that each action in a wrestling match adds something significant to the larger narrative.

Rhea Ripley (Credit: ESPN)
Rhea Ripley (Credit: ESPN)

Even though Shayna Baszler, who playfully asked for the stinkface spot, and Becky Lynch, who wasn’t a fan, may not have agreed, the scene clearly struck a chord with the crowd and became a topic of discussion within the wrestling world.

Though opinions on its usefulness in matches vary, Ripley’s capacity to draw in and amuse fans is nonetheless evidence of her skill and adaptability in the ring.