RIIZE’s Seunghan Engages with Fans: Reading Heartfelt Messages at Billboard Visit

Seunghan, a member of RIIZE, was observed visiting a subway billboard sign arranged by dedicated fans. March 29 marked a flurry of excitement among RIIZE enthusiasts as a snapshot surfaced of Seunghan positioned before a billboard adorned with heartfelt messages from admirers.

The display featured an array of handwritten notes from fans, each meticulously affixed to the board with Post-it adhesive.

Fans rejoiced as Seunghan paused before the billboard, taking a few moments to read through each heartfelt message left by his devoted admirers.

Shortly after his debut, Seunghan became embroiled in a series of controversies revolving around his personal life. The initial uproar erupted when leaked online photos surfaced showing Seunghan visiting a hotel with his then-girlfriend.

Subsequently, following the hotel scandal, Seunghan faced renewed criticism when private social media live-streaming footage and videos of him smoking on the streets were also leaked, intensifying the controversies surrounding him.

Seunghan (Credit: YouTube)

In response to the string of controversies, SM announced that Seunghan would be taking an indefinite hiatus and removed his name from the group’s promotional materials.

While this led many to speculate that Seunghan had been permanently ousted from RIIZE, no official confirmation has been provided.