Rosé Sparks Eyelid Surgery Rumors: Unraveling the Speculation

Celebrities endure constant scrutiny, fans dissecting their every action. Minute alterations in appearance escape no one’s attention in the age of vigilant online observers.

The spotlight now falls on BLACKPINK’s Rosé, her facial features stirring online chatter.

BLACKPINK’s Rosé (Credit: allkpop)

A netizen initiated the debate with a post on Nate Pann titled,

“I think Rosé got eyelid surgery,” sharing comparative images of Rosé’s face.

The netizen wrote, “I really liked her face before,” expressing disappointment. Just as the netizen mentioned, Rose’s eyelid fold had become more prominent and thicker than before.

Other netizens commented,

  • “She was so charming before and it was better. The human greed is truly endless.”
  • “I wonder if it’s just tape. She used to use tape before too. But even if she got eyelid surgery, is it something we need to care about?”
Rosé sparked double eyelid surgery rumors (Credit: YouTube)
  • “Looking closer, it looks like tape.”
  • “In different angles of the photo, you can’t notice the difference.” 
  • “I hope she didn’t get eyelid surgery, her eyes are pretty.”