Russia’s Missile Strikes Rattle Ukraine, Leaving Casualties and Destruction

In a devastating assault during Wednesday’s morning rush hour, Russia launched missile and drone strikes on Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities, resulting in casualties, injuries, and extensive damage to residential buildings and energy infrastructure, according to Ukrainian officials.

The strikes claimed five lives and wounded over 30 people, with four fatalities occurring in Kyiv’s Golosiivskyi district and one in Mykolayiv. President Volodymyr Zelenskiy condemned the attacks as a “massive terror,” underscoring the nation’s urgent response efforts.

Ukraine’s air defenses intercepted 44 out of 64 missiles and drones launched by Russia, mitigating further devastation. Meanwhile, European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell, on a visit to Kyiv, sought refuge in a shelter amidst air alarms, affirming EU support for Ukraine.

Ukraine refuses to give in, continues to stand in the face of the attacks (Credits: The Columbian)

Kyiv suffered extensive damage, with at least 19 reported injuries and significant destruction to property and infrastructure. Despite the onslaught, efforts to restore essential services, including electricity and gas, are underway, with DTEK working to repair damaged power lines and gas pipelines.

The attacks extended beyond Kyiv, with industrial facilities and non-residential infrastructure targeted in cities like Lviv and Kharkiv. Despite the adversity, Ukrainians display resilience and determination, seeking refuge in shelters while maintaining hope for eventual victory.