Season 21 of NCIS Hints to An Unexpected Tale for Its Oldest Original Character

Co-showrunners David North and Steven D. Binder hint that Tim McGee will have an unexpected story arc in NCIS season 21. Following a few intense premiere episodes, including a memorial to Ducky, the former medical examiner who is now a historian, the CBS procedural will settle into its weekly cases.

Personal plans for its special agents are entwined with it. This entails looking at McGee’s family tree, which is full of significant secrets.

In an interview with TVLine before the debut of NCIS season 21, Binder and North give a sneak peek at McGee’s family-centric plot, which will delve into the clan members he was unaware of.

NCIS (Credit: CBS)

A case may or may not involve it, but something has to happen to persuade him to look into his ancestry. View the quote from the showrunners below: Family is the most essential thing in the world, as all of our NCIS characters understand. However, McGee is astonished to learn he has more family than he thought after taking a genealogy DNA test.

McGee’s NCIS Season 21 Arc Can Explore His Final Missing Story

For the first time, NCIS season 21 will not feature an original character. The last cast member to have starred in every episode from the first to the last before David McCallum passed away was Ducky. While he did make his television debut in season 1, McGee didn’t show up for a few episodes.

Now that Ducky is no longer with the show, he is the oldest cast member remaining involved. Though he has been in it for almost twenty years, some parts of his personal life, such as his connection with his mother, have not been discussed.

McGee’s mother has never been on NCIS, in contrast to his father, who had an appearance on the police procedural.

Even her whereabouts and the reason behind her apparent lack of communication with her kid are unclear. Though there isn’t any hard evidence, there are rumors that she has passed away.

NCIS (Credit: CBS)

There are other theories that she remarried after her breakup with his father. In any event, exploring McGee’s mother’s disappearance may be the main emphasis of the expedition, given his storyline for NCIS season 21.

In NCIS season 21, McGee’s thorough dive into his family history is an intriguing storyline. I wonder whether there’s a risk associated with all of this, or if this is just a B-plot for the character. In any case, it’s fantastic that NBC can still develop a compelling plot for a character who has been on the police procedural for more than 20 years.