See No Evil Season 12 Episode 5 Recap: Choir director Kathy Blair’s son discovers her murdered at home

Dioneth Lopez, 21, goes missing in 2020 while visiting friends; her body is discovered in a Washington State woodland, and she is initially treated as Jane Doe until investigators discover surveillance footage that helps piece together her last hour.

In 2018, a night of terror leaves 19-year-old Amber Meadows dead in the bathroom; investigators must follow a trail of surveillance footage to determine who pulled the trigger. Three women are held hostage in a motel room by armed men.

The book “Caught on Camera: Modern Mysteries” shows us the shocking truths of a surveillance society, where everything is constantly being observed through unwavering lenses.

This compelling series tells compelling stories of mystery and suspense while demonstrating how actual surveillance footage can be the key to solving perplexing crimes.

With each episode presenting a new angle on contemporary mysteries—from heart-stopping heists to terrifying disappearances—and emphasizing the critical role that video evidence plays in revealing the truth.

Explore the gripping stories of how surveillance footage, in the hands of tenacious investigators, goes from being merely recordings to formidable instruments that bring justice to those who deserve it.

See No Evil Season 12 Episode 5 Recap (Credit-Fubo TV)


The lively streets of San Diego were overshadowed by tragedy in 2017 when musician Omar Medina, 28, disappeared without a trace. His family’s worst nightmares came true when they found his lifeless body floating in the bay, encased in a barrel, and desperation engulfed them.

Driven by a sense of justice and determination, law enforcement analyzed surveillance footage, painstakingly assembling clues to identify the individuals accountable for this horrific deed.

Heartbroken, the community came together to demand answers and justice for a life taken too soon, so that Omar’s memory would not be consigned to the history of forgotten tragedies.

In a heartbreaking turn of events, choir director Kathy Blair’s peaceful life was upended when her own son discovered the horrific scene of her murder at their residence.

Prompted into the terrifying investigation, detectives found a crucial piece of evidence in the midst of the confusion: a menacing, surveillance-camera-captured shadow that appeared to be the enigmatic face of her attacker.

Terror gripped the community as news of another couple found murdered nearby broke, adding to the shock of such a heinous crime.

See No Evil Season 12 Episode 5 Recap
See No Evil Season 12 Episode 5 (Credit-IMDb)

The news of this second tragedy spread like wildfire, giving rise to terrifying theories that a malevolent entity—possibly a serial killer—was hiding among them.

The eerie image of the shadowy figure on camera continued to loom large in the minds of the investigators, serving as a constant reminder of the danger that lurked beneath their streets.

An atmosphere of intense tension loomed over the once peaceful neighborhood as detectives worked against the clock to solve the cryptic clues left behind.

In the middle of the mayhem, a shared resolve surfaced: a promise to stand together against the evil that threatened their neighborhood.

The commitment to bringing justice to those whose lives had been brutally taken, and determined to make sure that the shadow of fear would not be permitted to engulf their streets permanently.