Sexy Zone Idol Group Changes Name to timelesz – News

The three remaining members of the formerly Johnny & Associates (now Smile-Up and Starto Entertainment) group Sexy Zone announced on Monday that they have changed their group name to timelesz. The group specified in a livestream on Monday that the name change was not an April Fools’ joke.

Image via timelesz’ YouTube channel

The group also announced they are recruiting a new member. The name of the group’s fans is “secondz.”

The group debuted in 2011, and originally had five members, but Marius Yo retired from the entertainment industry in 2022, and Kento Nakajima left the group on March 31.

The group have performed theme songs for A Condition Called Love and the live-action
Tomodachi Game R4 series.

Idol group Johnny’s West announced last October that they have changed their name to “WEST.” (with a period), removing the “Johnny’s” from their name in the aftermath of the sexual abuse scandal surrounding the Johnny & Associates talent agency.

The agency’s stable of young trainee idol groups known as Johnny’s Jr. is now similarly known simply as “Jr.” Additionally, the KANJANI EIGHT group changed their name to SUPER EIGHT on February 4.

Sources: Music Natalie, timelesz’ YouTube channel