SM Entertainment Takes Legal Action To Protect BoA From Malicious Comments

SM Entertainment made a significant announcement on April 11th, revealing plans to take extensive legal action against individuals responsible for spreading false information, making personal attacks, and posting malicious comments directed at their artist, BoA. The agency has partnered with external legal advisory agencies, including Shin&Kim, to address these issues both in Korea and internationally.

The decision follows a notable increase in malicious posts targeting BoA on social media platforms, video-sharing websites, and online communities. SM Entertainment expressed concern over the detrimental impact of these behaviors on BoA’s mental well-being, highlighting her struggle with severe emotional distress.

Stills from BoA’s 20th-anniversary concert (Credits: Allkpop)

In response to the ongoing harassment, SM Entertainment intends to pursue legal consequences for offenders involved in such activities, stressing the seriousness of the situation and the legal ramifications for those engaging in malicious behaviour.

BoA recently faced hurtful comments regarding her appearance following her appearance in tvN’s drama “Marry My Husband”. The singer addressed the issue on her social media, expressing frustration and emphasizing the emotional toll of the continuous negativity. Furthermore, BoA’s remarks hinting at retirement have caused confusion among fans, reflecting the challenging circumstances she is currently navigating.

Stills from BoA’s 20th-anniversary concert (Credits: Allkpop)

As SM Entertainment takes decisive action to protect BoA’s dignity and well-being, the agency urges individuals to refrain from engaging in any form of malicious behaviour online, emphasizing the legal consequences and the importance of respecting artists’ rights and privacy.