SM Entertainment Under Fire Over Employee And Artist Welfare Concerns

A recent exposé by an SM Entertainment employee on Blind, a Korean community for company workers, has shed light on troubling issues in the company. The revelations have sparked agreement and concern among the community.

Key grievances outlined in the article include the absence of adequate mental health support for employees and artists, coupled with criticism of the Kwangya119 internal system for its superficial operation and lack of effective resolution of issues.

Employees have also voiced frustration over aggressive salary reduction threats if revenue targets are not met. The departure of founder Lee Soo-man has reportedly left a leadership void, with profit taking precedence over internal welfare.

EXO (Credits: SM Entertainment)

The vulnerability of artists to sasaeng (anti) fan harassment and social media attacks has prompted concerns, with some artists contemplating early retirement due to unwarranted criticism.

Moreover, employees have experienced privacy breaches, with personal information leaked and subsequent online attacks. Delays in salary payments without prior notice have further contributed to dissatisfaction among staff.

The full article on Blind has highlighted a growing exodus of employees and artists from SM Entertainment, questioning the company’s priorities and calling for greater protection and support.

Aespa (Credits: SM Entertainment)

In response to the exposé, many have shared similar experiences and concerns, raising questions about high resignation rates and transparency in the company.

The call for action and accountability is resonating strongly, reflecting escalating frustrations with management practices. SM Entertainment now faces mounting pressure to address these grievances and cultivate a more supportive and transparent work environment.

NCT (Credits: SM Entertainment)

As the situation unfolds, the industry awaits how SM Entertainment will confront these challenges and rebuild trust among its workforce and stakeholders.