Solo Leveling Fans Express Disappointment with the ‘Arise’ Scene in The Anime

The twelfth episode of Solo Leveling, which aired on March 30, 2024, was a significant one for fans, as it brought to life the much-anticipated ‘Arise’ moment of the series’ protagonist, Sung Jinwoo. This pivotal scene, eagerly awaited for its animation and vocal rendition, elicited unexpected reactions from the audience.

In Solo Leveling, ‘Arise’ is the command used by Sung Jinwoo to transform any monster or human into a shadow soldier, a power he acquires upon being designated as a Necromancer.

For the anime adaptation, the production team opted to translate ‘Arise’ into Japanese, resulting in Sung Jinwoo uttering “Okiro,” which translates to “wake up.”

Despite the high anticipation surrounding this scene, it did not meet the expectations of some viewers. A user on X, @LTVillan, expressed disappointment, describing the scene’s execution as anti-climactic.

This viewer drew comparisons between this moment and similarly hyped scenes from other anime series, suggesting that it fell short of the impactful delivery seen elsewhere.

Jinwoo (Credits: Kakao)

Fans Express Disappointment with the ‘Arise’ Scene in Solo Leveling Anime

Fans of the Solo Leveling anime have voiced their disappointment regarding the ‘Arise’ scene, contrasting it with iconic moments from other series such as Eminence in Shadow and Bleach.

In Eminence in Shadow, Cid Kagenou’s signature technique, ‘I Am Atomic,’ has garnered significant attention. This technique, honed through rigorous practice, involves erecting a barrier around himself and his opponent akin to domain expansion in Jujutsu Kaisen.

By infusing magical powers into his ebony sword, Cid creates an explosive phenomenon, leaving fans satisfied with its portrayal, especially during pivotal battles like against Zenon Griffy in season 1 and Mordred Ragnarok in the last episode of season 2.

Similarly, Bleach introduces the concept of ‘Bankai,’ an ultimate technique mastered by select characters after mastering their Zanpakuto. Among these, Ichigo Kurosaki’s ‘Tensa Zangetsu’ stands out for its iconic portrayal in episode 58.

Fans recall the intensity of this scene, with Ichigo’s sword transforming to become sharper and more durable, elevating the excitement and satisfaction of viewers.

However, some fans have expressed disappointment with the ‘Arise’ scene in Solo Leveling, comparing it unfavorably to the climactic moments in Eminence in Shadow and Bleach. According to one X user, the Solo Leveling scene failed to meet the anticipation and ultimately felt anti-climactic and unsatisfactory.

Sung Jinwoo (Credits: Kakao Page & A-1 Pictures)

Mixed Fan Reactions Surface Regarding Solo Leveling’s ‘Arise’ Scene

The latest Solo Leveling episode has stirred diverse reactions among fans, with some offering insights into how the scene could have been better executed, while others remain hopeful for its future impact.

“It would’ve been much better if they made it in English.”

One fan addressed the translation issue, suggesting that leaving the phrase in its original form would have preserved its authenticity. Drawing comparisons with the unchanged phrase in Eminence in Shadow, fans speculate that the translation may have detracted from Solo Leveling’s scene.

“I think Arise comes off cooler in the Manwha, and I really wish they added some vocal effect in the anime when he said it since the Manwha has a different speech bubble meant just for it.”

Jinwoo vs. Igris (Credits: A-! Pictures)

Another fan proposed enhancing the ‘Arise’ scene with a deeper vocal effect, citing common anime practices where characters’ voices deepen during significant moments, adding to their impact.

“Domain expansion is better than ‘I am atomic’ bro. Bankai is in a league of its own. Nothing comes close.”

Comparing scenes from various anime, one fan highlighted the superiority of Jujutsu Kaisen’s domain expansion and Bleach’s Bankai over Solo Leveling’s ‘Arise,’ suggesting the latter fell short in comparison.

“Arise is not even overhyped. But i agree with your take tho. Maybe in the future it will be more iconic than ‘I am atomic.’”

Sung Jinwoo from Solo Leveling (Credits: A-1 Pictures)

Optimism abounds as fans anticipate Solo Leveling’s ‘Arise’ scene gaining more significance in future seasons, despite its current lukewarm reception.

“Bankai’s its own league compared to these. What the **** is ‘I am an atomic’? I heard Arise a few times at least, but what the **** is the second one?”

Expressing confusion over ‘I Am Atomic’ from Eminence in Shadow, fans underscore the disparity in popularity between lesser-known series and mainstream Shounen titles like Jujutsu Kaisen and Bleach.

Throughout these reactions, fans express a range of sentiments, from disappointment to optimism, underscoring the subjective nature of anime appreciation and the significance of impactful scenes in defining a series’ legacy.