Solo Leveling Voice Actor Responds to Fans’ Threats: Considering Switching ‘Arise’ to ‘Wake Up, Buddy’

Prior to its anime adaptation, Solo Leveling had already amassed a huge following, largely thanks to its stunning artwork in the manhwa.

Now, with Studio A-1 Pictures’ anime release, the series is drawing in even more fans, both new and old. Long-time followers are reemerging online to witness the beloved manhwa’s transition to the anime medium.

One of the standout moments in Solo Leveling, and arguably one of the most popular in the entire manhwa genre, is the “Arise” scene.

Jinwoo vs. Igris (Credits: A-! Pictures)

For those unfamiliar with the story, Sung Jin Woo, the main character, gains the ability to command the dead and create a shadow army of soldiers as the narrative progresses.

After vanquishing an enemy, Sung Jin Woo utters the code word “Arise” to awaken the fallen soldiers, a pivotal and iconic moment in the series.

Given the significance of this moment, many viewers eagerly awaited the delivery of the line. However, some fans took their anticipation too far and began harassing Aleks Le, the English voice actor for Sung Jin Woo, urging him not to falter in delivering the line.

Sung Jinwoo English Voice Actor Deals with the Hatred Swiftly

Aleks Le addressed these online threats on his TikTok account, responding to comments such as

“If you don’t say ‘arise’ correctly, I swear I will find you, and after that, even Sung Jin Woo wouldn’t bring you back.”

In his video, Aleks Le made it clear that if people continued inundating his comments section with threats, he would consider changing Sung Jin Woo’s iconic line from “arise” to alternatives such as “wake up,” “wakey wakey,” “get up buddy,” or even “erect, it’s time for school, get up buddy.”

Towards the end of the video, the voice actor urged fans to exercise patience and cautioned against getting overly hyped. However, Aleks Le later decided to remove the video from his TikTok account.

In a subsequent TikTok, responding to a comment questioning his authority to alter dialogue, Aleks asserted that he had a significant role in shaping Sung Jin Woo’s lines in the show.

He mentioned that he had written over half of Jinwoo’s speeches, including those that have become trending audio clips on TikTok related to themes of strength.