Song Ha-yoon’s Casting Coincidence Sparks Controversy Ahead of Upcoming Project

Renowned actress Song Ha-Yoon, celebrated for her compelling portrayal of the villainous Jung Soo-min in JTBC’s acclaimed drama “Marry My Husband,” finds herself amidst controversy as rumours of her involvement in school violence surface, casting a shadow over her upcoming project.

Despite her burgeoning popularity following her standout performance in “Marry My Husband,” Song Ha-yoon’s reputation took an unexpected turn when allegations of her purported involvement in school violence emerged. The actress had previously confirmed her participation in the highly anticipated webtoon-based drama “The History of Jealousy” in early 2022 and had already wrapped up filming for the project.

Scheduled for release in the latter half of the year, “The History of Jealousy” now faces uncertainty regarding its premiere, given the swirling rumours surrounding Song Ha-Yoon. Complicating matters further, her co-star in the drama, Cho Byung-gyu, has also faced accusations of school violence in the past, adding fuel to the controversy.

Cho Byung-Gyu’s still from “The Uncanny Counter” (Credits: tvN)

Cho Byung-gyu’s tumultuous history with allegations of school violence saw mixed outcomes, with some accusers retracting their claims while others persisted. Despite efforts to resolve the matter, including police investigations, one accuser remains steadfast in their accusations, further complicating the situation.

The emergence of Song Ha-yoon’s alleged involvement in school violence came to light through a JTBC program on April 1st, where she was referred to as “actor S,” the subject of accusations from an informant claiming to have been subjected to physical abuse for an extended period.

Song Ha-Yoon’s still from”Marry My Husband” (Credits: tvN)

In response to these accusations, Song Ha-yoon’s agency, King Kong by Starship, vehemently denied the allegations, asserting that they had reached out to the informant to address the claims but received no response. Emphasizing the lack of evidence supporting the allegations, the agency reiterated its commitment to resolving the matter transparently and professionally.

As the controversy surrounding Song Ha-yoon’s alleged involvement in school violence continues to unfold, fans and industry observers alike await further developments while expressing concerns about the impact on her career and the forthcoming drama’s fate.