Song Joong-ki Plays Vincenzo, Kim Ji-won’s Divorce Lawyer, in “Queen of Tears”

In the recent episode of tvN’s “Queen of Tears,” aired on March 31st, viewers witnessed an unexpected twist as Song Joong-ki made a cameo appearance as Vincenzo, Kim Ji-won’s divorce lawyer.

The episode centers around Hong Hae-in (played by Kim Ji-won), who, after losing her memory, is confronted by Baek Hyun-woo (portrayed by Kim Soo-Hyun) about their failed marriage. Baek shows his intention to divorce her, leading to a poignant exchange between the two characters.

Song Joong Ki’s cameo as Vincenzo in “Queen of Tears” (Credits: tvN)

Hong’s lawyer, Vincenzo, portrayed by Song Joong-ki, played a pivotal role in the unfolding drama. His appearance added a layer of intrigue to the storyline, with his character’s background as a member of a chaebol family and references to his past roles, including “A Werewolf Boy” and “Vincenzo,” contributing to the scene’s complexity.

Notably, the incorporation of the “Vincenzo” OST further heightened the emotional impact of the scene, resonating with viewers and igniting excitement among fans of the popular drama series.

Song Joong Ki’s still in “Queen of Tears” (Credits: tvN)

As Song Joong-ki’s cameo brought an unexpected twist to “Queen of Tears,” viewers eagerly anticipate how his character will influence the unfolding narrative. With his charismatic portrayal and the incorporation of subtle references to his past roles, Song Joong-ki’s appearance promises to impress audiences and adds depth to the storyline of the drama.