Song Joong-ki’s Candid Interview: Reflecting On “Descendants Of The Sun” And Aspiring To Be A “Firework” Actor

In a recent interview and pictorial released by Sports Chosun on April 15th, Song Joong-ki shared insights into his career and aspirations.

Despite his success in the Netflix movie “Loh Ki-wan,” where he played a North Korean defector, Song Joong-ki revealed that he hasn’t pursued major sentiment projects since “Descendants of the Sun.” He expressed a commitment to consistent participation in productions that offer nuanced storytelling.

“Descendants of the Sun,” which aired in 2016, catapulted Song Joong-ki to international fame with its high viewer ratings and overseas popularity. The drama also marked a significant personal chapter for Song Joong-ki, as he met and later married his co-star Song Hye-kyo. The couple divorced after two years, and Song Joong-ki has since remarried and welcomed a son with his current wife, Katie Louise Saunders.

Song Joong-ki and his wife Katie were spotted at Gocheok Sky Dome (Credits: News1)

Reflecting on his career legacy, Song Joong-ki expressed a desire to be remembered as a “firework” actor—an individual who brings joy and fulfilment to viewers during the time they spend watching his films. He emphasized the role of actors in creating meaningful experiences for audiences, whether in a movie theatre or on a plane, by delivering two hours of engaging storytelling.

Song Jong Ki’s poster from “Descendants of the Sun” (Credits: KBS)

Song Joong-ki’s aspirations highlight his dedication to his craft and the impact he hopes to make through his performances. As he continues to investigate his career post-“Descendants of the Sun,” Song Joong-ki remains committed to portraying diverse characters and contributing to the cinematic experience in a meaningful way.