Sorairo Utility Golf Anime Inspires TV Series

2021’s Sorairo Utility, a 15-minute anime about three girls playing golf, is getting the TV anime series treatment. 

As before, Kengo Saito (Arknights Anime PV Full Version) is directing the production at Yostar Pictures. Saito, who drew two illustrations to commemorate the TV series’ announcement, is reprising his character designer role as well.


As with the original short, the main cast comprises Miyu Takagi as Minami Aoba, Yurina Amami as Haruka Akane, and Ayasa Gotou as Ayaka Hoshimi. In the series, Minami is an ordinary girl with no talent or ambition who becomes involved with golf. Haruka is her part-time co-worker with a prodigious talent in the sport, while Ayaka is an aspiring influencer.

The Sorairo Utility short premiered on December 31 in Japan and featured the main characters spending a day golfing and hanging out together. Kouta Nozomi (When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace author) wrote the script, and Akira Amemiya (Gridman Universe director) drew the storyboards.

Source: @sorairo_utility