Speculation Surrounds Secretary Na’s Husband In “Queen Of Tears”: Exploring Headcanon

In recent days, fans of the popular drama “Queen of Tears” have been engaged in lively discussions and headcanon speculations surrounding the relationship between Secretary Na (played by Yoon Bo-mi) and lawyer Kim Yang-ki (played by Moon Tae-yu).

Amidst the alluring storyline, some viewers have noted subtle cues and interactions between Secretary Na and Kim Yang-ki that hint at a deeper connection beyond their professional roles. Speculations have emerged suggesting that Secretary Na’s husband could potentially be lawyer Kim Yang-ki, based on these observations.

Official character descriptions from the drama’s website provide additional context, describing Secretary Na as a “working mom married for three years” who shares a sympathetic bond with her employer, Hae-in (played by Kim Ji-won), about marriage and life. Similarly, Kim Yang-ki is introduced as Hyun-woo’s (played by Kim Soo-hyun) university friend and a respected divorce lawyer.

Secretary Na, played by Yoon Bo-mi (Credits: tvN)

The curiosity surrounding Secretary Na and Kim Yang-ki’s relationship adds an intriguing layer to the drama’s narrative, prompting fans to delve deeper into the characters’ personal lives through imaginative interpretations.

Meanwhile, “Queen of Tears” continues its remarkable success, with episode 12 achieving outstanding nationwide ratings of 20.7% (Nielsen Korea) and an impressive 23.2% in the Seoul metropolitan area. These record-breaking numbers solidify the drama’s position as one of tvN’s highest-rated series, rivalled only by the iconic “Crash Landing on You.”

Lawyer Kim Yang-ki played by Moon Tae-yu (Credits: tvN)

As the drama unfolds and viewer interest intensifies, the mystery surrounding Secretary Na’s husband remains a fun element, driving discussions and fan theories in the vibrant online community of “Queen of Tears” enthusiasts.