Studio Behind My Hero Academia Addresses Criticism of Upcoming Debut Anime

In response to the recent fan backlash over the announcement of Bones Studio’s upcoming anime series, “The Magical Girl and the Evil Lieutenant Used to Be Archenemies” (MahoAku), Bones President Masahiko Minami addressed the criticism in an interview with Anime Corner.

He emphasized the importance of diversity in their portfolio, stating,

“I treasure variety. The reason why I make anime, why I’m in the animation industry at all, is because of the expressiveness of the art form.”

The disappointment from fans stemmed from the anticipation of another high-profile action series from Bones, given their impressive track record with series like “Mob Psycho 100” and “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.” Instead, “MahoAku,” a fantasy romance about lovers from opposing factions, was announced, leading to widespread criticism.

Bones Studio on the Recent Backlash

However, Minami defended the series, highlighting its appeal to a broad audience. He described “MahoAku” as “a very cute series that’s easy to watch and get into,” adding that it “really tugs at your heartstrings.” He even envisioned it as a source of comfort for people facing challenges, stating, “it will help you forget all your troubles.”

Despite the initial backlash, Bones remains committed to producing a diverse range of content. Alongside “MahoAku,” they have announced other projects such as “My Hero Academia Season 7” and “SK8 the Infinity Season 2.”

UA 1-A Students as seen in My Hero Academia Season 7 trailer (Credits: Studio Bones)

The latter, directed by Hiroko Utsumi, is accompanied by an OVA focusing on the high school days of two characters, Kojiro Nanjo (Joe) and Kaoru Sakurayashiki (Cherry).

“MahoAku” is described as follows: “The Evil Organization—They invade and destroy anything and everything. The lieutenant is merciless and cunning. He’s the brains behind the organization and righthand man to the king. Byakuya, a jinxed magical girl is the one in charge of standing up to the earth invasion.

Mira, the evil lieutenant, is supposed to face off against the girl and unexpectedly falls in love at first sight… This is the story of the magical girl and the evil lieutenant who used to be enemies. Refusing to kill (and love) each other, what will become of the couple—?”