Suho Opens Up About Drama Competition With ‘Queen Of Tears’

EXO’s Suho recently expressed his feelings towards the competition posed by the drama “Queen of Tears” during the production presentation of the new MBN weekend historical series “Missing Crown Prince.”

When asked about “Queen of Tears” being a competitor, Suho responded with a smile, saying, “A very good drama is also airing on Saturdays and Sundays, and I’m enjoying watching it too. It’s so much fun.” However, he also acknowledged the importance of supporting his show, stating, “Still, when my drama airs, I will watch other dramas on OTT.

“Missing Crown Prince” Press Conference (Credits: Korea Dispatch)

I will watch it through MBN. Of course, I feel pressured, but rather than thinking about competing with other works, I’m always fighting with myself. Since I’m competing with myself, I don’t worry about it.”

Suho highlighted the absence of recent historical dramas airing in the same time slot, expressing hope that “Missing Crown Prince” would satisfy viewers looking for historical content.

“Missing Crown Prince” is set to premiere on April 13 at 9:40 p.m. (KST), marking Suho’s return to the small screen in this highly anticipated historical series.

EXO’s Suho at “Missing Crown Prince” Press Conference (Credits: Korea Dispatch)

Fans can anticipate Suho’s dedicated performance and tune in to support “Missing Crown Prince” as it debuts on MBN.