Supernatural Otome Game 9 R.I.P. To Get English Release in 2024

Idea Factory International is releasing an English-subtitled version of the supernatural otome visual novel 9 R.I.P. this year. The Nintendo Switch title was launched in Japan last June.

Idea Factory will also offer a limited edition version (the contents will be revealed later) through the IFI NA and European online stores. Whether it’s the standard or limited edition, those who buy the game through IFI’s online stores will receive an exclusive trading card.

9 R.I.P.‘s heroine is high school student Misa Isshiki, who learns from her friend a rumor about people of their town being spirited away, and how those filled with anxiety or are having struggles have a higher chance of becoming victims. Poor Misa, who is stressed out from worrying about her future, ticks those boxes, and she soon gets addressed by an “eerie voice” and sees “strange things” start to happen around her.

Misa will have eight romance options, which seems like decent consolation for having to experience “a realm filled with ghosts and evil spirits” or “uncover tragic and thrilling truths in the real world” over the course of the game. Choices in 9 R.I.P will affect not just Misa’s relationships with other characters via the so-called Love Catchy system, but also her psyche. “Making the wrong choices can lead to insanity and even change you into something else entirely,” warns the press release.

For an extra dash of horror, Idea Factory shares that one of the routes will trap Misa in “a school where you hear whispers of gruesome murders having occurred.” 

Cupid Parasite‘s Yuuya is responsible for 9 R.I.P.‘s character art. You can check out the illustrator’s work with the official screenshots below:

Source: Press release