Takako Shimura’s 1-Shot Futari de Hitorigurashi Gets Regular Manga Series – News

Bungeishunju published 1-shot about 2 women neighbors each living alone on December 22

Takako Shimura revealed on Twitter on March 21 that the previously published one-shot Futari de Hitorigurashi (Living Alone Together) manga is getting a regular series, beginning in the spring issue of Bungeishunju‘s Bunshun Woman magazine that released on March 21.

The story follows the daily lives of two women who are neighbors living the single lifestyle.

Bungeishunju published the one-shot in the magazine’s fifth anniversary issue on December 22.

Shimura recently announced the Koiiji spinoff manga Hatsukoi no Tsugi (What’s Next After First Love). The series begins serializing in Kodansha‘s Kiss magazine on April 25.

Shimura will also launch a new manga in the 70th issue of Shodensha‘s OnBLUE boys-love magazine on April 25.

Shimura launched the Awajima Hyakkei manga (pictured at right) in Ohta Publishing‘s PocoPoco online magazine in July 2011, but the manga later moved to Ohta Web Comic. The manga’s fourth compiled book volume released in August 2022. The manga ended on March 15.

Shimura is best known for her Wandering Son and Sweet Blue Flowers manga, both of which have inspired television anime series adaptations in 2011 and 2009 respectively. She also drew the original character designs for the Aldnoah.Zero anime, Battery the Animation, and the Overtake! racing anime. She drew a short-run manga adaptation for the Battery novels. Fantagraphics Books is releasing her Wandering Son manga in North America, and Viz Media is releasing Sweet Blue Flowers. Seven Seas is releasing Shimura’s Even Though We’re Adults (Otona ni Nattemo) manga digitally and in print.

Shimura’s Happy-Go-Lucky Days (Dōnika Naru Hibi) manga inspired an anime film that opened in Japan in October 2020.

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