Tensura Season 3 Begins Diablo’s Schemes

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (Tensura) Season 3 is off to a great start. With its vibrant and sharp visuals, amazing theme songs, and entertaining comedy — the premiere presented a nice reintroduction back into the isekai story. It’s been three years since the last season so I am happy to see that my comfort anime is finally back on the airwaves. The show’s easy-go-lucky vibe is surely one of my favorite things about it, not to mention Rimuru’s “overpowered” journey to becoming Demon Lord.

However, as the episode underlines Rimuru’s new role, it also emphasizes the cleverness of the primordial demon, Diablo. I think I can speak for everyone that he delivered such an intimidating presence in this first episode. While Rimuru was away during the Demon Lord’s banquet “Walpurgis,” Diablo had an important mission to carry out — bringing down the Falmuth kingdom to its knees.

Tensura Season 3 episode 1 picks up where the last season left off. It covers what happens right after Clayman’s defeat with Rimuru interacting with the “Octogram” Demon Lords and the Tempest residents welcoming him back home. It’s quite cute how the episode keeps a nice pace showing each of our beloved characters, including the mysterious Demon Lords who left early. I also want to commend how vibrant everything looks because it is a delight to see. The matcha pudding was unnecessarily jiggly and appetizing, but watching Veldora and Diablo’s interaction (Rimuru fanboys like in the recap episode) was something I found myself laughing at. It’s silly, but I am here for all of it.

Contrary to his goofy character, Veldora is the menacing card that Rimuru and Diablo use against the Falmuth kingdom. They hurt Tempest a lot in the last season and because of that, Rimuru’s Megiddo spared not a single soldier, save for the foolish king, archbishop, and royal mage (who were sadly turned into meatloaf by Shion). Rimuru’s wrath continues through Diablo, who seems very amused with serving and pleasing his new master. Diablo deviously manipulates negotiations with the Falmuth kingdom and then leaves them in a pitiful state of fear, panic, and despair.

It’s almost cruel how he gave Falmuth a false impression of freedom to choose when in reality, there is nothing else for them but to surrender, become allies with the Champion Youm, and pay reparations. Their greed is suddenly gone. The name “Diablo” suits him — he’s the devil.

Tensura Season 3 episode 1

Though this premiere did not seem as action-packed, it was instead full of important bits of the plot that would kickstart the story moving forward this season. I had a lot of fun listening to all the dialogues, especially with the way Diablo revealed his evil scheme and Falmuth’s political consequences. Not only was it interesting to follow, but it also gave Diablo’s character such a great and chilling moment in the spotlight. Hands down, Diablo is really scary yet cool character.

All in all, Tensura Season 3 episode 1 was mostly a lot of nostalgia and entertainment. There’s a bubbling joy in seeing an overpowered cast achieve powerful and satisfying things. You see, the world-building and leveling-up in this anime is one of its nicest charms! Simply enjoying that is one of the reasons why I enjoy the series very much. However, with the plot getting deeper with its twists and turns — like the Holy Knights and Yuuki Kagurazaka– more powerful obstacles are bound to come. The season is undoubtedly off to a good start, and I’m genuinely looking forward to seeing how Rimuru will handle Tempest’s future.

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