That ’90s Show Season 1 Recap: Did Leia And Jay Stay Together?

That ’90s Show, helmed by Gail Mancuso and Laura Prepon, is a revival/spinoff of the well-known American sitcom That ’70s Show.

The main problem we saw with the Netflix series is that, despite the episodes only lasting 20 minutes, the tale, the conflicts, the plot elements, the corny comedy, and the character arcs have all been done so much that it is hard to stay interested.

There were already a ton of sitcoms in a similar genre, so it didn’t bring anything new to the extreme lack of authenticity. As could be predicted, the show mostly draws from nostalgia, and each time one of the cast members from “That ’70s Show” appears on screen, there is thunderous applause.

Leia had no idea that she would make lifelong friends and generate a ton of memories when she arrived to spend the Fourth of July at Red and Kitty’s, her grandparents’ home.

Leia was the type of girl who was constantly attempting to blend in because she felt under constant pressure to do so because she had never been appreciated for who she was. She was accompanied by her parents, Eric and Donna, and it was a lovely small family get-together.

That ’90s Show Season 1 (Credit: Netflix)

The grandparents discovered their daughter was not interested in travelling to the space camp in Huntsville, Alabama, where Eric had planned to take her. We all know how obsessed Eric is with Star Wars, so he assumed Leia would share his enthusiasm.

That ’90s Show Season 1 Recap

Following Kitty’s advice, Sherri Runck, who was having an affair with Fez, decided to quit their relationship and look out for her own needs. Fez was determined to stay together no matter what, as her salon business was doing well.

By telling Kitty how much he loved Sherri and how he intended to be by her side no matter what, he even managed to persuade her. At some point, Sherri was at a loss for how to get Fez to end their relationship, so Red had to step in and save the day.

Fez too thought he had escaped a bullet and concluded it was best for him to split up with Sherri after learning she had two kids. However, destiny had it that they reconciled once more. Fenton, Sherri’s landlord, had requested that she leave the property because she was unable to make her rent payments.

After learning that Sherri was seeing Fez, Fenton became even more irate and raised the rent. Fez was determined to work out a solution and find Fenton’s common ground. Sherri was allowed to stay in Fenton’s house if he offered him an elaborate wig.

For some reason, Red’s demeanour brought back memories of her late father, with whom Sherri had many unsolved issues. Red was the type of man who was always furious and annoyed and didn’t like to be disturbed.

That ’90s Show Season 1
That ’90s Show Season 1 (Credit: Netflix)

Red addressed her because he felt that every time she saw him, memories of less-than-ideal times in her past would resurface. Red was a wonderful man who loved his friends and family, despite his outward appearance of being extremely harsh and unyielding.

He was frequently misinterpreted by others since he struggled to communicate his feelings. The way he began out as a rival to Leia’s maternal grandfather Bob and ended up giving her an Eric-owned automobile was both hilarious and endearing.