The Good Doctor Final Season: Reflecting on a Shocking Departure

Noah Galvin, who portrayed Dr. Asher Wolke on The Good Doctor, has taken to social media to reflect on his time filming the show following the shocking death of his character in the latest episode.

“I spent the last four years in Vancouver working away from my fiancee and dog and family,” Galvin posted on Instagram.

“It was hard but these people made it really worth it. I love you @thegooddoctorabc thank you for everything!!”

The Good Doctor (Credit: YouTube)

Kayla Cromer, who joined the show in its final season, replied to Galvin’s post, saying,

“I’m so glad that I had an opportunity to meet you and work with you! Your [sic] amazing!”

Bria Samoné added,

“I love you deep.”

Christina Chang also replied to Galvin, adding,

“Lerve you.”

The death of Dr. Asher Wolke on The Good Doctor Season 7, Episode 5, “Who At Peace,” was indeed a shocking and tragic event, depicting an antisemitic attack that ended his life.

A scene from The Good Doctor, featuring Noah Galvin and David Attar (Credit: YouTube)

The episode’s portrayal of Asher’s character standing up against bigotry and hatred added emotional depth to the storyline.

As viewers await the next episode titled “M.C.E.,” it seems the characters will grapple with the aftermath of this heartbreaking event while dealing with a new challenge, a mass casualty event, forcing them to set aside their emotions following the recent tragedy.