The NXT North American Title Revolution Was Not Intended To Last Long, According To Dominik Mysterio

Now a well-known heel in the WWE, Dominik Mysterio remembers his NXT days when he won the NXT North American Championship. His triumph over Wes Lee was a crucial turning point in his professional wrestling career.

Mysterio persevered to win back the NXT North American Championship in spite of several defeats, including losing the title to Trick Williams at WWE NXT No Mercy. However, when he squared off against Dragon Lee, his reign came to an end.

Dominik Mysterio (Credit: ESPN)

Reflections on NXT Triumphs and Challenges

When Mysterio looked back on his time in NXT, he was proud of his achievements and the unusual path his career had taken. Mysterio started on the main roster and later made the switch to NXT, in contrast to the majority of wrestlers who start in NXT and advance to the main roster.

Mysterio found fulfillment in mentoring younger talent in NXT despite some of them being older than him. He credits Shawn Michaels for entrusting him with the opportunity to work extensively in NXT, where he believes he produced some of his best work.

Dominik Mysterio
Dominik Mysterio (Credit: ESPN)

While eyeing a potential feud with Bad Bunny, Dominik Mysterio’s future in WWE remains uncertain, leaving fans eager to see what lies ahead for the former NXT North American Champion.