The Rock has a Visual Artwork Intended to Surprise Cody Rhodes’ Mother

The Rock’s latest metamorphosis into a heel character has increased the intensity of WWE events.

A recent episode of RAW featured The Rock, whose unexpected encounter with Cody Rhodes caused quite a stir in the wrestling community. The Rock also declared that he was going to give Rhodes’ mother a customized, gory picture.

The Rock (Credit-ESPN)

Unexpectedly, The Rock and Rhodes got into a furious argument without using a microphone, which prepared the audience for a spectacular showdown. After getting into a fight with Jimmy Uso, Rhodes was left bloodied and surprised by the fans until The Rock entered the heated altercation.

Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes (Credit: ESPN)

A personalized painting by artist Naomi Rosenblum showed The Rock alongside a bleeding Cody Rhodes. The Rock suggested that he might give the artwork to Cody Rhodes’ mother, #MamaRhodes – Final Boss when he appreciated it on Twitter.

Fans can’t wait to see if The Rock keeps this unexpected gift, as it would definitely cement his place as the greatest heel in the WWE.