The Top Cooking Anime You Can Watch On Netflix, Hulu and Disney

Cooking anime are super popular now, and even the imaginary meals in anime have been exciting fans for years.

Every day, when people want to relax and have fun, many grab a bag of popcorn. But for some, they want something more filling, something substantial. This is when cooking anime step in.

These anime are super popular now. People love watching to learn new recipes and cooking tricks without leaving their comfy couch.

Anime takes us to a world where even the food isn’t real, yet it makes our taste buds tingle and our imaginations soar.

Fans have been drooling over the amazing dishes made by anime characters for a long time.  Whether it’s the perfectly made sushi or the tempting ramen bowls.

Anime food looks so delicious that you might want to reach through the screen and taste it. Cooking anime are special because they attract viewers with delicious recipes and exciting adventures.

Anime has a magical world of imaginary dishes that fans love. Whether you’re munching on popcorn or imagining anime feasts, there’s something tasty for every hungry viewer.

Food is a fantastic way for people to bond, and the stories in Japanese animation with those themes are really something special.

Even though they’re just animation, some of the dishes in anime look absolutely delicious.

1) Food Wars! 

An elite academy just for high school students, where they learn cooking skills through intense methods and compete in ultimate cooking showdowns? It’s the kind of thing you’d only find in anime.

Food Wars! tracks Souma Yukihira’s journey as he enrolls in the prestigious Tootsuki Culinary Academy on his father’s recommendation. He gradually rises to the pinnacle of the culinary world.

Food Wars!  (Credit: J.C.Staff)

The shokugeki battles, where chefs face off, will leave fans hungry for the incredible dishes these young talents create.

2) Dagashi Kashi 

Dagashi Kashi, focuses on Japanese snacks called dagashi, which are quirky and unique treats. The story follows Kokonotsu Shikada, the son of a dagashi shop owner, who dreams of becoming a manga artist instead of taking over the family business.

Hotaru Shidare, an energetic girl from a famous sweets company, enters the scene with a mission to recruit Kokonotsu’s father.

Throughout the series, Hotaru introduces Kokonotsu and viewers to a variety of dagashi, each with its own history and flavors.

The Top Cooking Anime That'll Have You Hungry for More
Dagashi Kashi (Credit: David Production)

Dagashi Kashi is all about exploring and enjoying these traditional Japanese snacks. Hotaru’s passion for dagashi is contagious, and she enthusiastically describes each treat, highlighting its ingredients and unique qualities.

Through Hotaru’s fun antics and Kokonotsu’s reactions, viewers learn about the cultural importance of dagashi and the nostalgia they bring to many in Japan.

The show also shows the competitive world of snack-selling and the love put into making these simple yet delightful treats.

3) Ben-To 

Ben-To explores the half-priced bento meals, where fierce battles erupt in supermarkets to grab discounted boxes before they’re gone.

Yo Sato, the main character, gets thrown into this competitive world after a surprising defeat in his first bento brawl.

Determined not to go hungry again, Yo trains hard to become a skilled Wolves fighter, competing for those discounted meals.

The Top Cooking Anime That'll Have You Hungry for More
Ben-To (Credit: David Production)

While it’s not traditional cooking, the battles for bento boxes are action-packed and strategic. Each fighter brings their own style to the matches, showing off their combat skills and clever tactics.

Throughout the series, viewers enjoy the intensity and humor of these bento battles, where scoring a half-priced meal is the ultimate victory.

Cooking plays a role as the characters fight and strategize for their discounted bento, turning the quest for food into an adrenaline-pumping adventure.

4) Sweetness & Lightning

Sweetness & Lightning is all about Kouhei, a dad figuring out the kitchen after his wife passes away. He’s not much of a cook, so he relies on store-bought meals for his daughter, Tsumugi.

It’s a relatable struggle as Kouhei tries to balance work, being a single dad, and wanting to give Tsumugi healthy food. 

Throughout the anime, we see Kouhei really trying his best to cook for Tsumugi. Their bond grows stronger with each cooking adventure, creating sweet moments full of love and laughter.

The Top Cooking Anime That'll Have You Hungry for More
Sweetness & Lightning (Credit: TMS Entertainment)

The show isn’t just about cooking it’s about the warmth of family and being together. Tsumugi’s excitement and Kouhei’s determination make every meal special, showing how love can be served up in a homemade dish.

Sweetness & Lightning is a heartwarming mix of funny moments, touching scenes, and the love that comes with sharing a meal made with care.

It’s a simple and heartfelt journey of a dad learning to cook for his daughter, filling their home with warmth and love.

5) Princess Connect! Re:Dive 

In Princess Connect! Re:Dive, cooking brings a warm and cozy feel to the story. The series follows Yuuki and his friends Karyl, Kokkoro, and Pecorine on their adventures in the fantasy world of Astrea.

Pecorine, the group’s skilled chef, adds a special touch with her delicious dishes that bring happiness to everyone.

Her love for cooking shines through in every meal she makes, becoming a source of comfort for the group. Viewers get to enjoy scenes of Pecorine whipping up tasty feasts for her friends.

The Top Cooking Anime That'll Have You Hungry for More
Princess Connect! ReDive (Credit: CygamesPictures)

Whether it’s a hearty stew after a day of quests or a sweet dessert to lift spirits, Pecorine’s cooking creates moments of joy and togetherness.

Cooking also helps the characters grow closer. Sharing meals becomes a way for them to bond and strengthen their friendships, creating a sense of family within their group.

6) Restaurant To Another World 

Restaurant to Another World shines among typical isekai anime by welcoming people from various worlds to the Western Restaurant Nekoya.

There, they savor the incredible dishes prepared by the chef, Tenshu. Throughout the series, viewers explore each character’s story as they visit the restaurant, learning about their favorite meals and what makes them special.

The Top Cooking Anime That'll Have You Hungry for More
Restaurant To Another World (Credit: SILVER LINK.)

Fans were pleasantly surprised by the popularity of Restaurant to Another World when it first aired in 2017. They were eagerly awaiting a second season, which finally arrived in 2021.

Now, with the story still open for more, fans are hopeful for a third season.

7) Delicious In Dungeon 

When adventurers encounter a dangerous monster, their goal is to make sure they don’t become the monster’s meal. But after defeating these creatures, fans rarely see the adventurers enjoy a monster feast.

Delicious in Dungeon is an anime that flips the script. Fans meet Senshi, a skilled dwarf who loves cooking and eating defeated monsters.

The Top Cooking Anime That'll Have You Hungry for More
Delicious In Dungeon  (Credit: Trigger)

The sweet taste of victory is something Senshi savors by eating the monsters he defeats. Laious, the main character, forms a group of adventurers to rescue his sister from becoming the meal of a fierce red dragon.

Senshi eagerly joins the party with his cooking gear, excited to have a taste of their adventure.

8) Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family 

Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family is an anime that brings warmth and flavor to each episode. It follows Shirou Emiya, a young man in a peaceful world, as he cooks delicious meals for his loved ones.

In this alternate universe of the Fate/stay night series, Shirou spends his days preparing dishes inspired by different cuisines.

Each episode focuses on a new meal, ranging from comforting Japanese favorites to tempting Western treats.

The Top Cooking Anime That'll Have You Hungry for More
Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family  (Credit: ufotable)

Shirou’s cooking not only fills hungry stomachs but also creates moments of togetherness around the dining table.

Whether they’re sharing stories, laughter, or simply savoring good food, each meal becomes a cherished memory.

The anime beautifully captures cooking as an act of love and care. Through Shirou’s culinary journeys, viewers experience the joy of preparing and sharing meals with family and friends.

9) Freshly Baked!! Ja-Pan! 

Yakitate!! Japan is the perfect pick for fans craving a delightful show filled with incredible bread baking. The story revolves around Kazuma Azuma’s quest to create a signature bread that could make Japan famous nationwide.

Viewers can expect lots of smiles and baking adventures from start to finish. Yakitate!! Japan is a fun, light-hearted show with plenty of hilarious moments.

The Top Cooking Anime That'll Have You Hungry for More
Freshly Baked!! Ja-Pan! (Credit: Sunrise)

It’s campy and doesn’t explore deep storytelling. Viewers should just sit back, enjoy the humor, and imagine the delightful aroma of baking filling the air.

10) Deaimon 

In Deaimon, cooking is a big part of the story. Nagomu Irino returns to his family’s sweets shop, Ryokushou, where making confections becomes really important.

As Nagomu learns about his family’s traditions, we see him making sweets. It shows us how much care and skill goes into making these traditional Japanese treats.

The Top Cooking Anime That'll Have You Hungry for More
Deaimon (Credit: Encourage Films)

Cooking also brings Nagomu and Itsuka Yukihira closer. They bond over making sweets together, and each treat they create represents their growing friendship.

In Deaimon, cooking isn’t just about making food. It’s a way for the characters to connect, express feelings, and find happiness and understanding.

11) Yumeiro Patissiere 

Who hasn’t indulged in plenty of sweets in their life? Ichigo Amano loves them so much that a famous patissier recognizes her incredible palate.

He invites her to join the prestigious St. Marie’s Academy, renowned for its focus on desserts. Although being in a class with all the Sweet Princes of the school follows a bit of an anime trope, Yumeiro Patissiere adds a twist by including fairies.

The Top Cooking Anime That'll Have You Hungry for More
Yumeiro Patissiere (Credit: Studio Hibari)

This addition changes the dynamic of what could have been a simple shojo anime about making sweet treats.

12) Gourmet Girl Graffiti 

Gourmet Girl Graffiti is an anime that brings together flavors and heartfelt moments in every episode. It follows Ryou Machiko, a young girl who loves to cook, on her adventures exploring food and friendship.

Living alone while her parents are away, Ryou’s life changes when her cousin Kirin comes to stay with her. They explore the culinary escapades, cooking up and enjoying delicious dishes inspired by their daily lives.

In each episode, Gourmet Girl Graffiti treats viewers to a visual feast as the anime beautifully shows the cooking process.

The Top Cooking Anime That'll Have You Hungry for More
Gourmet Girl Graffiti (Credit: Shaft)

From carefully prepping ingredients to presenting mouthwatering dishes, every kitchen moment is a celebration of food.

Ryou and Kirin’s cooking not only fills their tummies but also creates connections with friends. Whether it’s sharing homemade bentos at school or hosting cozy dinner parties, each meal brings joy and warmth.

The anime captures cooking as a way to express love and forge friendships. Through Ryou and Kirin’s culinary journeys, viewers get a taste of the comfort and happiness found in preparing and sharing food with loved ones.

13) Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie 

Fans with a sweet tooth might be drawn to Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie, which follows the story of a young girl with dreams of becoming a pastry chef.

Sayuri has a deep love for sweets and enjoys creating them. When she earns a scholarship to a top-notch school for pastry chefs, everything seems to be going perfectly for her.

The Top Cooking Anime That'll Have You Hungry for More
Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie (Credit: SILVER LINK., Connect)

However, Sayuri quickly realizes that creating sweets at a professional level isn’t as simple as she imagined.

Despite the challenges and obstacles thrown her way at pastry school, Sayuri’s passion for making sweets remains unwavering.

14) Takunomi 

Takunomi is an anime that brings together the fun of casual drinking and delicious snacks. The series follows Michiru Amatsuki, who moves to Tokyo for a new job and ends up in a share house with other women.

The show highlights the joy of trying different drinks, from beer to cocktails, as the characters unwind together. 

The Top Cooking Anime That'll Have You Hungry for More
Takunomi (Credit: Production IMS)

Viewers explore a variety of alcoholic beverages through Takunomi, learning about their history and cultural significance.

The anime also celebrates the pleasure of enjoying snacks alongside drinks, from traditional Japanese treats to international delights.

15) Ristorante Paradiso 

Italy is renowned for its cuisine, and Ristorante Paradiso highlights the incredible dishes from this country. The story follows Nicoletta as she goes on a journey to find her mother, Olga, in Rome.

When Nicoletta finally locates her mother at the Casetta dell’ Orso, she discovers that things aren’t as she had imagined.

The Top Cooking Anime That'll Have You Hungry for More
Ristorante Paradiso (Credit: David Production)

She becomes deeply involved in the food and the people who dine there. This leads to one of the finest cooking anime, filled with unforgettable moments for viewers to enjoy.

16) Isekai Izakaya: Japanese Food From Another World 

Isekai Izakaya made its debut as an ONA, an original net anime. This direct-to-internet show is similar to Restaurant to Another World but with a more developed storyline.

Visitors from another world visit the bar named Nobu in Kyoto, Japan, eager to taste their Toriaezu Nama ale and the incredible dishes offered there.

The Top Cooking Anime That'll Have You Hungry for More
Isekai Izakaya Japanese Food From Another World (Credit: Sunrise)

For viewers curious about the restaurant’s connection to another world and its background, Isekai Izakaya is the top pick among cooking anime.

It explores deeper into the restaurant’s mysteries compared to Restaurant to Another World. However, both shows have their own charms and are definitely worth watching for any fan of the genre.

17) Wakakozake 

Wakakozake stands out from most cooking anime because each episode is only two minutes long. In this series.

Murasaki Wakako visits twelve different restaurants and enjoys twelve different dishes paired with various drinks.

The Top Cooking Anime That'll Have You Hungry for More
Wakakozake (Credit: Office DCI)

Each recipe featured in Wakakozake is something viewers could actually order in Japan. The show feels like having Murasaki as a personal tour guide through the diverse world of Japanese cuisine.

18) Pan de Peace 

Pan de Peace is a sweet and delightful anime that follows Minami, a high school girl who adores Japanese bread, or pan.

Each episode brings viewers into Minami’s world of fluffy bread and her charming encounters with various types of delicious treats.

From the classic melonpan to unique flavors like curry bread, Minami’s love for pan shines through. Minami’s passion for bread becomes a delightful way for her to connect with her classmates, forming bonds over shared tastings and discoveries.

The Top Cooking Anime That'll Have You Hungry for More
Pan de Peace  (Credit: Asahi Production)

The anime beautifully captures the warm and cozy ambiance of a bakery, with scenes filled with the inviting aroma of freshly baked bread.

Viewers are treated to mouthwatering visuals of golden loaves and sweet pastries, making each episode a feast for the eyes.

Through Minami’s cheerful adventures, Pan de Peace reminds us of the happiness found in the little things, like a perfect slice of bread shared with friends.

It’s a heartwarming and charming anime that will leave you craving a warm, fluffy loaf and a smile on your face.

19) Cinderella Chef 

Ye Jiayoa adores cooking, dreaming of becoming a chef someday. She loves experimenting with Chinese recipes until one day, something goes terribly wrong, and her cooking accidentally causes her demise.

Fortunately, that’s not the end of her story. Ye Jiayoa reincarnates as Jinxuan Ye, the daughter of a politician in Imperial China.

However, Jinxuan’s heart’s desire is simple, she just wants to cook. Sadly, her plans are interrupted when she gets kidnapped by a group of bandits.

The Top Cooking Anime That'll Have You Hungry for More
Cinderella Chef (Credit: Wawayu Animation)

Unfazed by the danger around her, Jinxuan remains determined to pursue her passion for cooking and experimenting with new recipes.

Despite her dire circumstances, she decides to make the most of it. Leveraging her exceptional cooking skills, Jinxuan charms the bandits with her delicious dishes.

20) Chuuka Ichiban! 

Chuuka Ichiban! whisks viewers away on a delectable adventure through the world of Chinese cuisine. Liu Maoxing, a talented young chef with dreams of mastering the art of Chinese cooking like his father, Liu Bao.

The anime shines a spotlight on the artistry and diversity of Chinese culinary traditions. Each episode is a feast for the eyes, showcasing the preparation of mouthwatering dishes like dim sum and stir-fries with exquisite attention to detail.

Maoxing and the other characters pour their hearts into every dish, creating culinary delights that leave a lasting impression.

The Top Cooking Anime That'll Have You Hungry for More
Chuuka Ichiban!  (Credit: Nippon Animation)

Prepare to be dazzled by the vibrant colors, bold flavors, and rich textures of Chinese cuisine in Chuuka Ichiban! Each cooking scene is a celebration of food as an art form, with the anime exploring the cultural significance and history behind each dish.

Chuuka Ichiban! shows the beauty and complexity of Chinese cooking, inviting viewers to savor every moment and dish with delight.

21) Cooking with Valkyries

Cooking with Valkyries takes you on a wild ride through a world where mighty warriors wield their cooking skills as fiercely as their swords.

Follow the Valkyries as they whip up dishes from around the globe, balancing intense battles with mouthwatering culinary adventures.

With each episode, you’ll get a taste of the Valkyries’ diverse cooking styles, from hearty stews to delicate pastries.

The Top Cooking Anime That'll Have You Hungry for More
Cooking with Valkyries (Credit: Blade, Thundray)

Every knife slice and dish presentation is a feast for the eyes, highlighting the culinary magic of these fierce warriors.

Beyond the kitchen, the anime explores the stories behind each recipe, exploring the cultural roots and histories of the dishes.

As the Valkyries tackle cooking quests and fierce competitions, you’ll be swept up in a thrilling adventure of flavors and friendships.


JK Meshi! serves up a delightful slice-of-life anime centered around high school girls bonding over their love for cooking. They whip up tasty dishes right in their school kitchen.

The anime shines with its focus on the joy and creativity of cooking among friends. In each episode, the JKs come together to create delicious meals using simple ingredients found in a typical school setting.

The girls’ unique personalities and humorous interactions add a sprinkle of charm to their culinary adventures.

The Top Cooking Anime That'll Have You Hungry for More
JK-MESHI (Credit: Kyotoma, Office Nobu)

Viewers are treated to a visual feast as JK Meshi! showcases the step-by-step process of making each dish. From easy-to-follow recipes to inventive creations, every cooking scene is filled with fun and lightheartedness.

The anime also explores the JKs’ culinary experiments, as they try out new flavors and cooking techniques. 

It’s a charming anime that offers a blend of comedy, friendship, and culinary joy, inviting viewers to savor every moment of the cooking fun. 

23) Cooking Master Boy 

The Era of the Cooking Wars might not be a historical period in China, but in this anime set in the 19th century Qing Dynasty, viewers witness some amazing dishes being created.

Cooking Master Boy follows Mao Xing on his journey across China after his mother’s passing. His goal is to become a renowned chef, just like his mother was.

The Top Cooking Anime That'll Have You Hungry for More
Cooking Master Boy  (Credit: Nihon Ad Systems)

The original Cooking Master Boy aired with over 50 episodes back in 1997. A surprise return came in 2019 with New Cooking Master Boy, spanning over two seasons.

The fact that a show from that long ago made a comeback speaks to how amazing “Cooking Master Boy” must be.

24) Mister Ajikko

Mister Ajikko holds the title as the first major cooking anime, and it’s said to be the inspiration behind the show Iron Chef.

A standout anime from the 80s, Mister Ajikko tells the tale of Ajiyoshi Yoichi. He starts as a boy assisting his mother in their cooking house and eventually becomes a culinary competitor facing off against some of the world’s finest chefs.

The Top Cooking Anime That'll Have You Hungry for More
Mister Ajikko (Credit: Sunrise)

Ajiyoshi Yoichi’s inventive approaches to every recipe he tackles are sure to spark inspiration in any cook watching. They might just find themselves eager to try out new ideas in their own kitchens.

25) Cooking Papa 

Cooking Papa may not have gained much attention outside of Japan after its release in the 90s, which is quite a shame.

It’s easily one of the finest anime shows about food and cooking, making it a must-watch for fans of the genre.

The Top Cooking Anime That'll Have You Hungry for More
Cooking Papa (Credit: Eiken)

The manga that inspired Cooking Papa is one of the longest-running series of all time, spanning over 157 volumes.

This shows just how beloved the series is. Watching Mr. Araiwa prepare incredible dishes for his wife and son is not only heartwarming but also quite humorous at times.

Honorable Mentions

Kozukuri Ninkatsubu!

The Story Revolves Around A Diverse Group Of Young People Who Have Voluntarily Joined The National Pregnancy Club. Yes you read that right.