Tokyo Vice Season 2 Episode 1 Recap: What Happened to the Videotape?

In the second season premiere of Tokyo Vice, the Max original series, Jake and Hiroto begin to piece together who was involved the night Polina disappeared. Things start to fall apart around Jake and Hiroto as they work through the events, raising concerns for their own and their families’ safety.

The first episode perfectly sets up the subsequent events. Jake and Hiroto view the footage of the Japanese men abusing Polina sexually at the start of the story. Jotaro Shigematsu, the vice minister of foreign affairs, is one of the guys that Hiroto honours.

Hiroto tells Jake that Jotaro is an extremely strong man who has a reputation for causing people to vanish. While he gathers additional information about who originally sent Jake the footage, he instructs Jake to turn it over to the news. His supervisors view the tape and decide to publish the story—but only after obtaining the minister’s response.


Hiroto checked the registration of the yacht and found that Misaki was the owner, which is who the Vice Minister and his team had attacked Polina on. She is the top girl in Tozawa’s eyes. She claims she doesn’t know anything about the boat when Jake confronts her.

Tokyo Vice Season 2 (Credit: Max)

Upon meeting with Jake and Eimi, the Vice Minister claims it wasn’t him after viewing the pictures. “No comment” is his response to the upcoming piece. It appears they are trying to blackmail him, so Jake tries to pressure Jotaro into providing them with someone else because he doesn’t respond.

But Jotaro loses it and lashes out at Eimi over Jake’s unethical behaviour.  In a hotel room, Detective Miyamoto was discovered dead next to a photo showing him and another detective together. Hiroto’s supervisor thinks he’s trying to hide his tracks since he and Jake are getting closer to Tozawa.

Additionally, his employer tells him that they would reveal that Miyamoto died of a heart attack rather than being killed because the media would misinterpret them for a detective employed by the Tozawa gang.

The hospital calls Kaito, Sato’s brother, to inform him that his brother has passed away. Sato’s other gang members show up to free him after they arrive. Once they had him where they needed to be, they declared that he would fully recover and that they would be investigating the attacker.

Eimi called Jake to report that there was a fire at their place of employment. All the copies that were being made have been destroyed, along with the entire area that held Polina’s videotapes. The video has been removed, thus they are unable to publish the piece criticizing the vice minister.

Tokyo Vice Season 2
Tokyo Vice Season 2 (Credit: Max)

Hiroto tells Jake that his supervisor has informed him that the investigation is now DOA and that they should back off and wait as he and his family are in danger. Hiroto tells Jake before he leaves that Polina and Miyamoto will one day receive justice.

To find out what Tozawa needs from the Vice Minister, Hiroto visits him. He begs for assistance, saying that Tozawa is unable to enter the country longer. To get him to assist him in returning to the United States, he uses the footage as blackmail.