Tony Khan Discusses A Possible Partnership With WWE

With alliances with promotions like NJPW, CMLL, and STARDOM, AEW has advanced significantly in the wrestling industry in the short time since its founding. However, significant cooperation between AEW and WWE is yet unknown, despite speculations and reports suggesting that WWE is open to working with other promotions.

Tony Khan (Credit: ESPN)

AEW’s Evolution

According to recent reports from Sports Illustrated, Triple H’s relationship with TNA for the 2024 Women’s Royal Rumble indicates that WWE President Nick Khan is considering other joint ventures with other wrestling organizations. Nevertheless, it is unclear how receptive WWE will be to these kinds of partnerships.

AEW President Tony Khan responded to rumors that WWE is amenable to partnerships in an interview with, saying that AEW’s readiness to collaborate with WWE will rely on the specific situation.

Tony Khan
Tony Khan (Credit: ESPN)

Although there have been isolated cases of crossover, such as when AEW wrestlers contributed to WWE events and made appearances, it is unclear whether AEW and WWE would work together extensively in the future.

In the constantly changing world of professional wrestling, fans are excited to see if these two titans of the sport will ever team up.