Top 7 Underrated Anime You Need to Watch

The Japanese anime industry has grown immensely, with mega-hits like My Hero Academia, Sailor Moon, and Attack on Titan capturing the hearts of fans worldwide. Pokémon has become a household name, but many other titles struggle to gain recognition.

Numerous excellent anime series fail to attract a large audience for various reasons. They may be difficult for Western fans to find on streaming platforms or DVD sets, or they may have been overshadowed by more popular titles.

With the constant influx of new anime each season, it’s inevitable that some exceptional series slip under the radar, resulting in low viewership. We’ve updated this list to provide more information for anime enthusiasts searching for underrated gems.

7 Underrated Anime to Watch

1. Natsumi’s Book

Natsumi’s Book (Credts: Crunchyroll)

This anime follows the story of Natsumi, a young girl who discovers a mysterious book that transports her to fantastical realms.

Filled with adventure and magic, Natsumi’s Book gives themes of friendship, courage, and self-discovery as Natsumi finds through different worlds, encountering peculiar creatures and overcoming various challenges. With nice visuals and a heartwarming narrative, the series delves into the power of imagination and the importance of believing in oneself.

2. Barakamon

Barakamon (Credts: Crunchyroll)

Barakamon revolves around Handa Seishu, a talented calligrapher who, after a public incident, moves to a rural island village to rediscover his passion for his art.

Through his interactions with the quirky villagers, particularly a spirited young girl named Naru, Handa learns valuable life lessons about creativity, community, and personal growth. The series beautifully combines humor, drama, and slice-of-life elements, offering a heartwarming portrayal of self-discovery and the joys of simple living.

3. Monster

Monster (Credts: Netflix)

In this psychological thriller, Dr. Kenzo Tenma, a brilliant neurosurgeon, faces a moral dilemma when he must choose between saving the life of a young boy or the mayor of the city.

His decision sets off a chain of events that lead to a complex conspiracy involving murder, manipulation, and the search for a mysterious figure known as “Johan Liebert.” Monster delves into deep moral questions while keeping viewers on the edge of their seats with its intense plot twists and well-developed characters.

4. Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju

Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju (Credts: Crunchyroll)

5. Mushishi

Mushishi (Credts: Crunchyroll)

Mushishi follows the journey of Ginko, a “Mushi Master” who travels across feudal Japan studying and dealing with mysterious creatures called “mushi.” These ethereal beings exist beyond the realm of normal perception, often causing supernatural phenomena and affecting the lives of humans.

Each episode of Mushishi presents a standalone story, finding themes of nature, spirituality, and the delicate balance between mankind and the natural world. With its serene atmosphere and thought-provoking narratives, Mushishi offers a unique blend of fantasy and philosophical storytelling.

6. Space Brothers

Space Brothers (Credts: Crunchyroll)

Space Brothers centers on the aspirations of two brothers, Mutta and Hibito, who dream of becoming astronauts. After Mutta loses his job, he decides to pursue his childhood dream and applies to the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) astronaut program.

The series follows Mutta’s journey through the rigorous selection process, his training alongside other candidates, and his determination to overcome obstacles and reach for the stars. With its mix of humor, drama, and scientific accuracy, Space Brothers offers an inspiring tale of perseverance and the pursuit of one’s dreams.

7. The Aria Series

The Aria Series (Credts: Crunchyroll)

The Aria Series invites viewers into the enchanting world of Neo-Venezia, a futuristic city on the planet Mars that mirrors Venice. The story follows the adventures of Akari Mizunashi, a young girl training to become an “undine,” a gondolier who finds the city’s canals.

Through Akari’s encounters with her fellow undines and the city’s inhabitants, the series celebrates the beauty of everyday life, the importance of cherishing small moments, and the transformative power of friendship. With its serene atmosphere, breathtaking scenery, and gentle storytelling, The Aria Series offers a tranquil escape into a world of wonder and discovery