Travis Kelce Stirs Controversy With Political Social Media Like

Travis Kelce, the prominent NFL tight end, found himself in the spotlight this week as social media users noticed his “like” on an intriguing political post involving Donald Trump.

The attention-grabbing post on Instagram featured a picture from Saturday’s UFC 300 event, showing Kelce alongside former ESPN presenter Sage Steele and Donald Trump.

Steele, known for her conservative views and a lawsuit against ESPN over free speech, shared multiple photos and videos from her interaction with Trump at the UFC 299 event last month.

Travis Kelce (Credit: ESPN)

While Kelce’s “like” was noted by many, it appears he later unliked the post, though screenshots and screen recordings captured the moment.

In the past, Travis Kelce faced criticism for his reaction to visiting the White House

The Kansas City star has historically kept his political affiliations private, yet his actions have hinted at various stances. Kelce has supported stricter gun control measures, kneeled during the National Anthem, and even participated in an advertisement for the COVID-19 vaccine.

On the other hand, his girlfriend Taylor Swift has previously endorsed Joe Biden for President. However, as of now, she has not made any statements regarding the 2024 elections.

The divergence in their political views, with Swift known for her anti-Trump stance, has led to speculation about potential future conflicts in their relationship, which began in September 2023.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump (Credit: ESPN)

Travis Kelce’s history with politics has not always been smooth. In 2020, he faced backlash when he expressed being “excited” for the “crazy opportunity” to visit Trump’s White House after the Super Bowl victory over the 49ers.

Kelce later clarified on Twitter, stating, “Regardless of who is in office, I think it’s a unique opportunity to experience our nation’s Capital.” As Kelce’s recent social media activity stirs discussion on politics and public image, fans and observers await to see how this chapter unfolds for the NFL star.