Trigun Manga Deluxe Edition Release Faces Delay, New Date Announced

Dark Horse Comics has announced a delay in the release of the hardcover Deluxe Editions of Yasuhiro Nightow’s Trigun manga. The Trigun Deluxe Edition, initially scheduled for release in bookstores on December 5 and in comic shops on December 6, has been postponed to fall 2024.

Similarly, the Trigun Maximum Deluxe Edition, originally set to launch in April 2024, will also be released in fall 2024. Both editions will maintain the original oversized 7×10″ page format for the manga.

The Trigun Deluxe Edition will comprise 672 pages, compiling the two volumes of the Trigun manga, while the Trigun Maximum Deluxe Edition’s first volume will have 584 pages. Pre-orders for both volumes are currently available.

Trigun Manga Deluxe Edition (Credits: Dark Horse Comics)

The initial manga serialization of Trigun took place in Tokuma Shoten’s Monthly Shonen Captain magazine, spanning from 1995 to 1997. It later resurfaced with Trigun Maximum, serialized in Shonengahosha’s Young King Ours magazine in 1997 and continued until 2007. The English versions of both the original Trigun manga and Trigun Maximum were previously published by Dark Horse Comics.

Madhouse, a renowned animation studio, adapted the manga into a television anime, which aired for 26 episodes in Japan in 1998. Following a decade-long hiatus, the Trigun: Badlands Rumble anime film premiered in April 2010, marking the return of Trigun to animation.

Vash From Trigun 2023 (Credits: Orange)

The Trigun Stampede anime made its debut in January 2023 and concluded in March 2023. Excitingly, the final phase of the anime has been given the green light, promising further developments for Trigun enthusiasts.