Twister Sequel Teaser Promises Thrilling Action

Director Lee Isaac Chung, along with the main cast members Glen Powell, Anthony Ramos, and Daisy Edgar-Jones, appeared at CinemaCon to present a teaser for the upcoming sequel to the 1996 film Twister.

Chung admitted that directing this film was a scary challenge for him, but he felt compelled to take it on.

He compared his fears to those of the characters in the movie and wanted to face them head-on.

Chung also hinted that the sequel will provide an immersive and realistic experience, thanks to collaboration with industry professionals, including storm chasers who captured footage for the project.

Twisters Sequel (Credit-YouTube)

Twister Sequel Teaser Sparks Excitement at CinemaCo

The three main actors of the film, Glen Powell, Daisy Edgar-Jones, and Anthony Ramos, took the stage amid cheers and applause at CinemaCon.

They shared their experiences of filming the challenging movie, with Ramos mentioning the scorching 120-degree heat they endured.

Powell joked about the efforts made by the creative team to make the experience authentic, including being pelted with ice and covered with trash.

Edgar-Jones even brought giant fans on stage to give the audience a taste of what filming was like, complete with fake leaves and a plastic cow.

At CinemaCon, they showed an unfinished teaser for the upcoming Twister sequel, packed with thrilling action. It starts with Daisy Edgar-Jones’ character, Kate Cooper, at a rodeo when a mega-storm hits, causing chaos.

Later, Anthony Ramos’ character, Javi, asks Kate for help with tornado research. They meet Glen Powell’s character, Tyler Owens, a famous storm chaser.

Despite their differences, both teams join forces to learn from past experiences and improve their understanding of storms.