TXT’s Yeonjun Responds Gracefully To Encore Stage Criticism

TXT (Tomorrow x Together) recently faced criticism following their encore stage performance on “M! Countdown” after securing 1st place with their comeback title song “Deja Vu.” Netizens on the Korean forum “theqoo” expressed disappointment in the group’s live singing during the encore.

Some comments questioned the quality of the performance, with concerns raised about vocal precision and whole delivery. Despite some defending TXT’s circumstances, attributing the lacklustre performance to exhaustion from prior schedules, criticism continued to circulate online.

TXT’s Yeonjun addresses the criticism (Credits: @yawnzzn/Instagram)

One comment on the fan platform Weverse caught the attention of TXT’s Yeonjun, prompting a thoughtful response from the member. Yeonjun openly admitted to his dissatisfaction with the encore, acknowledging, “My live vocals were really bad today.” He expressed gratitude to fans for their support and vowed to deliver a better performance in the future, promising to improve when given another opportunity.

Yeonjun’s mature and accountable attitude in light of the critique has earned praise from both fans and non-fans, particularly notable as other groups under the HYBE label faced similar scrutiny for encore stage performances.

TXT’s Yeonjun (Credits: @yawnzzn/Instagram)

As TXT continues its promotional activities for “Deja Vu”, fans anticipate the group’s growth and improvement, encouraged by Yeonjun’s commitment to delivering better performances for their dedicated supporters.