VTuber Holo From Spice and Wolf Teases Upcoming Debut

The popular Spice and Wolf anime character Holo will make her VTuber debut on April 3, 2024, on the TOHO Animation Channel (YouTube) and the Spice and Wolf anime official TikTok. Readers can get a sense of her VTuber avatar below.

According to Animate Times, Spice and Wolf will announce a variety of projects that can ‘only be done through video distribution.’ The experience will heavily depend on viewer participation and the Spice and Wolf team asked fans to send loads of messages, which they can do through this form. VTuber Holo teased her upcoming appearance in a first message to fans, saying:
I’m Holo – the Wisewolf of Yoitsu. I’m not sure if I can live up to the name ‘Wise Wolf’, but I have traveled far and wide, and have seen and heard enough to live up to my name of Wise Wolf. So now, I would like you to tell me about Master’s world through my streams. Come and see for yourself, will you?

Spice and Wolf began as a light novel series, written by Isuna Hasekura and published by ASCII Media Works. It received two anime seasons between January 2008 and September 2009 before returning as a remake titled, “Spice and Wolf: Merchant Meets the Wise Wolf” which will premiere in April 2024. Takeo Takahashi returns as chief director after directing the original series while Hijiri Sanpei is credited as director. Studio Passione animates the series, which will stream on Crunchyroll for two cours in April 2024. They describe it:
Lawrence is a traveling merchant selling various goods from a horse-drawn cart. One day, he arrives at a village and meets a beautiful girl with the ears and tail of an animal! Her name is Holo the Wisewolf and she brings bountiful harvests. She wishes to return to her homeland, and Lawrence offers to take her. Now, the once-lonely merchant and the once-lonely wisewolf begin their journey north.

Holo’s VTuber debut comes on April 3, 2024, with new videos released every Wednesday. Ami Koshimizu voices the character in the anime.

Source: Animate Times
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