“We’ll see each other often in the future”: Creator Naoya Matsumoto Takes Hands-On Approach in Kaiju No.8’s Production Like Eiichiro Oda Did With One Piece

Naoya Matsumoto, the creator of the hit manga series Kaiju No.8, recently shared his excitement about the upcoming anime adaptation slated to release on the 14th of next month.

The manga, which debuted in July 2020, has been grabbing fans with its tale of Kaijuu, legendary monsters from Japan, and the protagonist Kafka Hibino’s journey to fulfill his childhood promise by becoming a soldier fighting these creatures.

Matsumoto revealed his lifelong dream of seeing his work adapted into an anime, a passion ignited by his fascination with the intricate process behind animation production. Influenced by iconic series like Ultraman, he has always been drawn to the artistry and effort involved in bringing stories to life on screen.

Kaiju No.8 (cc: Naoya Matsumoto)

As the anime project took shape under the helm of IG Production, Matsumoto eagerly followed every step of the production process. From initial designs to storyboards and voice recordings, he immersed himself in the creation of his beloved world.

One highlight for Matsumoto was hearing the voices of the talented cast members breathe life into his characters. Renowned voice actors such as Masaya Fukunishi and Asami Seto lent their skills to the project, impressing Matsumoto with their dedication and bringing his characters to life in ways he never imagined.

“We’ll see each other often in the future”: Creator Naoya Matsumoto Matsumoto Takes Hands-On Approach in Kaiju No.8's Production Like Eiichiro Oda Did With One Piece
Kiroku Shinomiya (cc: Naoya Matsumoto)

Drawing parallels to Eiichiro Oda’s involvement in the Netflix adaptation of One Piece, Matsumoto expressed his own hands-on approach to the anime adaptation. He personally oversees aspects such as dubbing, citing his preference for ensuring the authenticity of the characters’ voices.

Grateful for the exceptional performances of the cast, Matsumoto eagerly anticipates seeing his manga transformed into an anime masterpiece. With the premiere just around the corner, fans can expect Kaiju No.8 to grab audiences with its blend of gripping storytelling and stunning animation courtesy of IG Productions.