Where to Watch Kaiju No. 8 for Free: Watch Guide

Kaiju No. 8 bursts onto the scene this Spring 2024 season with a bang, and fans have exciting ways to stay connected as the series unfolds!

Transitioning from Shueisha’s Jump+ app to the small screen, Kaiju No. 8 promises to be a major hit with its blockbuster production.

This highly anticipated series boasts a diverse global staff and offers a simultaneous worldwide premiere alongside its Japanese debut.

Kaiju No.8 (cc: Naoya Matsumoto)

Where to Watch Kaiju No.8

To catch each episode as it airs, viewers can tune in to Kaiju No. 8’s X account every Saturday at 7:00 AM PST, coinciding with its release in Japan. Crunchyroll also streams the episode live with English subtitles, making it accessible to a wider audience.

For those who miss the live premiere, Crunchyroll uploads the full episode about an hour later. Both subbed and dubbed versions are available, and previous episodes, including the premiere titled “The Man Who Became a Kaiju,” are readily accessible for catch-up sessions.

“We’ll see each other often in the future”: Creator Naoya Matsumoto Matsumoto Takes Hands-On Approach in Kaiju No.8's Production Like Eiichiro Oda Did With One Piece
Kiroku Shinomiya (cc: Naoya Matsumoto)

In Episode 1, “The Man Who Became a Kaiju,” protagonist Kafka Hibino reflects on his journey from aspiring anti-Kaiju Defense Force member to Kaiju cleanup crew.

With memories of his childhood friend Mina Ashiro, captain of the Defense Force’s Third Division, Kafka’s story sets the stage for the thrilling adventures to come.

Don’t miss out on the action-packed world of Kaiju No. 8 – catch up now and be ready for the next thrilling episode!