WWE Legend Ric Flair Roasts ESPN Anchor, Defends LeBron James’ Greatness

LeBron James, the NBA’s reigning star, enjoys a massive fan base, including admirers from various sports realms. Recently, WWE legend Ric Flair took to X (formerly Twitter) to express his unwavering support for the Lakers’ icon, while also taking a swing at ESPN anchor Alan Hahn.

Flair didn’t hold back, slamming Hahn for branding the 39-year-old LeBron James as an ‘old man.’ He then proceeded to showcase LeBron’s recent phenomenal feats on the court that have left fans worldwide in awe.

LeBron James (Credit: ESPN)

“I’m Sorry To Report To You @alanhahn That LeBron Recorded Another Triple Double A Year After You Called Him An Old Man. You Stupid SOB. It’s So Embarrassing To Have You Report About Sports. When I See You On @GetUpESPN Or@FirstTake, I Turn The TV Off. @KingJames, Triple Double. The @Lakers March On! WOOOOO!”, Flair passionately wrote.

Alan Hahn responds to Ric Flair and his LeBron James’ defense

Impressed by LeBron’s prowess, Flair passionately defended his favorite basketball player on social media. He pointed out to Alan that LeBron notched another triple-double a year after the ESPN reporter labeled the Lakers’ ace as ‘old.’

Flair didn’t mince words, calling Hahn ‘stupid’ and critiquing his ESPN takes, all while ending his post with his iconic catchphrase.

The WWE legend, known for his illustrious career in professional wrestling, lent his support to LeBron, a gesture not every NBA player can boast of receiving.

Not one to let criticisms slide, ESPN’s Alan Hahn responded to Flair’s post on X, proving he’s not one to shy away from a challenge. He reposted Flair’s message and replied with composed respect on the same social media platform, showcasing his professionalism.

“He is old. And as I said then he is still great. Just like you, Ric. Can’t wait for “Get up ESPN” tomorrow. I know you’ll be watching. WOOOOOOOOOOOOO,” Alan posted.

Megan Fleihr & Ric Flair (Credit: ESPN)
Megan Fleihr & Ric Flair (Credit: ESPN)

Hahn acknowledged LeBron James’ age while emphasizing his enduring greatness, likening him to Ric Flair himself. He teased an exciting response on ESPN’s “Get Up ESPN” show the following day.

Ric Flair’s fiery defense of LeBron James against Alan Hahn’s comments has sparked a conversation. What’s your take on Flair’s passionate defense? We’re eager to hear from you, so share your thoughts in the comments below.