WWE Talents React To Alleged Double Standards On Language Use

There has been talk about how WWE talent is becoming more and more irate at what they see as a double standard when it comes to The Rock’s usage of profanity in his promos.

While The Rock is well-known for using abrasive language and graphic material in his TV appearances, it has been stated that other wrestlers in the organization have been forbidden from using a similar tone in their promos.

The Rock (Credit-ESPN)


Storytelling has taken a more mature turn since Triple H took over as creative director of WWE. Moments like letting Cody Rhodes bleed during an angle with The Rock—a tactic that had previously been prohibited—serve as prime examples of this shift.

Additionally, in contrast to the previous regime’s tougher restrictions, both Cody Rhodes and CM Punk have included more mature language in their promos.

Paul Heyman
Paul Heyman (Credit: ESPN)

Paul Heyman used profanity in his Hall of Fame address, too. These modifications signify a new creative direction for WWE, giving more leeway for adult-oriented content that pays homage to the Attitude Era.

The most recent Wrestling Observer Newsletter from Dave Meltzer states that there has been a shift in WWE’s approach to language used by talent. A memo was sent to talent reminding them to keep their language PG weeks ago, which suggests that there has been some tightening of restrictions on the content of promos.