YouTube Sensation Cyberwrecker Sojang Refutes Apology, Deposits 100M KRW to Halt Court

Cyberwrecker YouTuber Sojang has taken a substantial step, depositing 100 million KRW (~75,260 USD) to impede the court’s enforced action related to the spreading of false information about IVE’s Jang Won Young.

Sources in the music industry disclosed that on February 12, Sojang, in disagreement with the initial court ruling that fined her 100 million KRW, filed an appeal on January 17. The court mandated specific conditions for suspending the enforcement of their ruling, necessitating a 100 million KRW deposit from Sojang (‘A’).

Upon fulfilling this requirement, the court would cease any forced execution actions, such as seizures. Conversely, failure to make the stipulated deposit would result in the revocation of the suspension of execution. Sojang promptly deposited 100 million KRW to forestall the enforcement of the court decision.

IVE’s Jang Won Young Showing her MIU MIU Purse (Credits: @for_everyoung10/Instagram)

Reports indicate that Sojang has also disavowed being the author of an apology letter circulating in online communities.

In June 2023, a netizen, believed to be Sojang, admitted to creating inappropriate videos, confessing, “I was out of my mind, whether it was for views or money.” However, Sojang has since contradicted this confession, asserting that she had no intention of offering an apology.

From 2021 to July 2023, Sojang, the cyber wrecker, disseminated malicious news and rumours about various celebrities.

IVE’s Jang Won Young Flaunting in MIU MIU Outfit (Credits: @for_everyoung10/Instagram)

In the case of Jang Won Young, Sojang spread false information, encompassing personal controversies and rumours of discord. Starship Entertainment responded by filing a lawsuit against Sojang in October of the previous year, alleging continuous damage to their reputation through the propagation of false information.

Both parties remain entrenched in the legal process, persistently filing appeals as they strive for a satisfactory resolution. The unfolding legal battle signifies a determination from both sides to see the case through to its conclusion.