Zion Williamson Dodges Chicken Wing Drama Amid Pelicans’ Win

In a bizarre turn of events during Thursday night’s game between the New Orleans Pelicans and the Sacramento Kings, a disgruntled fan tossed a chicken wing onto the court, interrupting the action. Legendary announcer Kevin Harlan, known for his quick wit, turned the moment into comedic gold.

As the Pelicans held a solid lead and appeared poised for victory, Harlan seamlessly incorporated the chicken wing incident into his commentary.

Zion Williamson (Credit: NBA)

“There’s something on the floor… It’s a chicken wing. Why would someone throw something that good out on the floor? It’s crispy, it’s warm, and I almost had to go out — I’m so hungry. Who’s that guy? I hope he eats it,” Harlan quipped, keeping the mood light amidst the unexpected interruption.

Zion Williamson Has Had Prior Critics

The TNT cameras even captured a shot of Zion Williamson, the Pelicans’ star player, right after the chicken wing made its appearance on the court, adding an extra layer of humor to the situation.

Despite the distraction, Williamson showcased his prowess on the court, contributing 31 points along with six assists, four rebounds, three steals, and a block. His stellar performance, alongside CJ McCollum’s matching 31 points, propelled the Pelicans to a decisive 135-123 victory over the Kings.

Kevin Harlan
Kevin Harlan (Credit: NBA)

Williamson, often under scrutiny for his weight and diet, has faced criticism from basketball commentators and fellow NBA players alike.

However, he remains focused on his game and team, stating, “All I can do is control the things I can control. Lock in on myself. Lock in on my teammates, coaches, and everybody with the Pelicans.”

As the Pelicans secure their win and Williamson shines on the court, Kevin Harlan’s humorous commentary adds a memorable touch to an otherwise eventful game. Fans are left chuckling at the unexpected chicken wing drama amidst the Pelicans’ victory.